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Scooter the Neutered Cat Gives Exclusive Interview to CincyPet

June 10, 2021
Notoriously evasive with the press, Scooter the Neutered Cat recently sat down to give an exclusive interview to CincyPet. The cool cat talks about his fashion sense, kitten season, community cats and, of course, the benefits of spay and neuter programs.
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In CincyPet, Deborah Cribbs Invites the Community to Join the Expedition and Explore the ‘Mild Kingdom’

June 9, 2021
Cats are adorable. But, it turns out, they’re so much more. They are intelligent, unique and remarkable animals. Ten Movement chair Deborah Cribbs explains to CincyPet how the foundation has dedicated the last eight years to creating a no-kill nation for cats in Greater Cincinnati. Most recently, the Ten Movement has pivoted to bringing awareness to community cats, which Cribbs details in this authored piece inviting community members to join the expedition, explore the ‘Mild Kingdom’ and learn more about community cats.
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Ten Movement Chair Deborah Cribbs Appears on National Community Cat Podcast

May 22, 2021
Looking to enjoy a little catnip in the form of a conversation about community cats? If the answer is yes, Ten Movement Chair Deborah Cribbs’ appearance on the Community Cat Podcast is purr-fect for you.
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Coffee Break with Kathrine Broadcasts Live from UCAN During National Pet Week

May 4, 2021
UCAN Executive Director Melanie Corwin joined the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Daily Facebook Live Show, “Coffee Break with Kathrine,” to promote the nonprofit pet care clinic’s pet food pantry initiative. UCAN, a Ten Movement partner, provides free pet food and other services to income-eligible pet owners.
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WCPO-ABC Visits UCAN Nonprofit Pet Care Clinic to Kick Off National Pet Week

May 3, 2021
Ten Movement partner UCAN kicked off National Pet Week in early May by expanding its pet-care clinic and pet food pantry for income-eligible pet owners. UCAN Executive Director Melanie Corwin showed off the UCAN facilities and talked to WCPO reporter Whitney Miller about how offering these services are essential to pet owners struggling due to the pandemic or other challenges.
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The Ten Movement Gives a Helping Hand to My Furry Valentine

February 14, 2021
The Ten Movement assisted My Furry Valentine on its annual campaign to encourage adoption efforts for cats and dogs in the Greater Cincinnati area. My Furry Valentine appeared in more that 50 media stories, including in the Cincinnati Enquirer, CityBeat and every local television station, during the 12-day virtual event where 180 cats were adopted.
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The Give Them Ten Movement Launches Licensee Program, Empowering Communities to Create Cat-Caring Communities

July 10, 2023
Give Them Ten, a non-profit movement dedicated to creating cat-caring communities, announced today the official launch of its licensee program.
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A Non-Surgical Way to Spay Your Cat Is Closer to Reality Through Give-Them-Ten-Funded Research

June 26, 2023
Cincinnati Zoo scientists have found a way to induce long-term contraception in female cats without surgery. This breakthrough discovery has the potential to humanely reduce...
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Deborah Cribbs to Share Give Them Ten Success at Humane Society of the United States Expo

March 27, 2023
It’s hip to be snipped! That’s the message our founder and director Deborah Cribbs and cat specialist Monica Frenden-Tarant will deliver at the Humane Society...
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