Our Campaigns

Over the years, Give Them Ten has been spreading the word about the benefits of spay/neuter. Check out our current and past campaigns below. If you are an organization dedicated to feline welfare and are interested in leveraging our campaign work for your marketing efforts, please contact us.

Giving Cats an Extra Life

Whether you love cats or not, both sides can agree: They should be spayed and neutered. Pick a side and discover how spayed and neutered cats benefit us all.

Join the Expedition

Spaying and neutering community cats is a crucial part of the no-kill mission. Join Scooter’s Safari Squad as we venture into the world of these incredible creatures. What makes them unique? Why are they important? And what can you do to help the no-kill mission in your community?

Scooter the Neutered Cat

Scooter the Neutered Cat was introduced in 2013 and quickly rose to fame. He’s the original mascot and the face of our no-kill cat mission.