Pioneering a Better World for Cats

Ever heard of the expression that cats have nine lives? Together, we can give them one more. The Give Them Ten Movement is a cat movement based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is funded by the Joanie Bernard Foundation. Through work with our shelter partners, we’re pioneering a better world for cats.

We believe a better world for cats can be achieved with more spay and neuter efforts. It’s the simplest, most humane method for addressing feline overpopulation. Controlling overpopulation leads to fewer homeless cats and kittens, and an end to shelter overcrowding. That means life, love and a home for every cat.

Scooter the Neutered Cat™

Our Scooter the Neutered Cat™ campaign debuted in 2013 and he’s been showing the world it’s hip to be snipped™ ever since.