Adopt a Cat. Save a Life.

Just like spay/neuter, adoption is key to creating a no-kill cat nation. Adoption gives homeless cats the life, home and love they seek. Every cat adopted helps free valuable space in rapidly filling no-kill shelters, giving more lost feline souls the chance to be found.

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Cat of the Week: April

Adult | Domestic Short Hair | Male
Meet April, an 11-year-old Domestic Long Hair & Calico Mix. Her estimated birth date is 2009.

Beautiful inside and out, April is an engaging senior who would love a quiet home in which to thrive. She is unfailingly polite, speaking in a sweet voice when spoken to. This gentle kitty is very warmly responsive to affection, rising to meet your hand. With her long, super-soft fur, she’s lovely to touch and fascinating to look at: April is one unusually striking cat, with a coat the color of very dark chocolate and a rusty orange blaze down the center of her face. She was declawed on all four feet in her former life.

April has been through an ordeal and requires stability in her new adoptive home. She sadly came to STAF when her human “mom“ passed away and the family was unable to keep her. She’s a sensitive lady who may need a little gentle encouragement as she adjusts. Are you able to provide the consistency she deserves and a soft pillow in a sunny spot on which to lay her head? April will shower you with love in return!

As a precautionary measure, all cat adoptions are by appointment only. Visit the STAF website for further information about cat adoptions.


Adopt-a-Palooza is working!

Our shelter partner OAR shared these recent photos of happy people and happy cats! Let’s keep the momentum going. Start your adoption search today!

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