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Just like spay/neuter, adoption is key to creating a no-kill cat nation. Adoption gives homeless cats the life, home and love they seek. Every cat adopted helps free valuable space in rapidly filling no-kill shelters, giving more lost feline souls the chance to be found.

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Cincinnati Cat of the Week: Schroeder

Adult  | Domestic Short Hair | Male
Meet Schroeder, an 8-year-old Domestic Short Hair. His estimated birth date is 2014.

Schroeder has character in spades! This quirky tabby-and-white cat is unfazed by pretty much everything. For an older guy, Schroeder LOVES scuttling about after toys. He has learned to steer clear of several of his roommates who aren’t crazy about him but has made good friends with a congenial cat named Bob, with whom he hangs around and plays. So, although he would be totally fine as a pampered single pet, he would clearly enjoy a feline partner in crime of a similar temperament.

A woman who does TNR (trap-neuter-release) and works with colony cats found Schroeder living on his own and in dire need of vet care. He was in pretty rough shape, with bad teeth and a hematoma in his ear. The latter, now treated and healed, has left him with a lopsided appearance that just adds to his adorable sense of personality. Schroeder is now healthy but like many cats of his age and background requires an attentive eye and good follow-up with the doctor. This fun-loving cat is an attention hog and will quickly win you over. If you like entertaining kitties, Schroeder is definitely the man!


For inquiries, contact Visit the STAF website for further information about cat adoptions.


Dayton Cat of the Week: Gilligan

Adult | Domestic Short Hair | Male

This week we have Gilligan!

Gilligan is a GORGEOUS cat with big bright eyes that are like searchlights. While Gilligan is weary of people still due to all of the big changes in his life, he really enjoys the company of other cats! This fella just needs a home that will give him some time and a little patience to be a great companion.


Adopt-a-Palooza is working!

Our shelter partner OAR shared these recent photos of happy people and happy cats! Let’s keep the momentum going. Start your adoption search today!

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