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Just like spay/neuter, adoption is key to creating a no-kill cat nation. Adoption gives homeless cats the life, home and love they seek. Every cat adopted helps free valuable space in rapidly filling no-kill shelters, giving more lost feline souls the chance to be found.

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Cincinnati Cats of the Week: Pete & Percy

Kittens  | Domestic Short Hair | Female
Meet Pete & Percy, 4-month-old Domestic Short Hairs. Their estimated birth date is February 2022.

Pete is one extremely handsome, glossy black kitty! He has a kissable face and just a few white hairs on his chest added for character. Pete is a very chatty boy who’ll make certain you know what he wants. After just a brief warm up with petting, he will cuddle in your lap. Pete loves to frolic with his brother, Percy, and flips for the wand with a string. Looking out the window is another of his favorite ways to while away the hours. This little guy would love to go home with Percy or to a home with another lively young kitty.

Black cat lovers will adore Percy, an incredible, outgoing kitten! Percy is a sweetheart who loves nothing better than to plant himself on your lap or your legs. Also a lively little athlete, he enjoys lots of game play. The ball tower is a favorite toy, and whomever takes this boy home must be sure to allow time to engage him with a feather teaser. Percy and his brother, Pete, make a dynamic duo, so consider adopting them both for twice the fun! You can tell them apart by the bright white star on Percy’s chest and his slightly larger build.

Percy and Pete were two of a litter of five kittens. A woman found homes for three babes and the mom then brought these two charmers to us. You won’t find more personable kittens so apply lickety-split!

For inquiries, contact Visit the STAF website for further information about cat adoptions.


Dayton Cat of the Week: Bernard

Adult | Domestic Short Hair | Female

This wee we have a shelter staff favorite: Bernard!

This cat is a complete and utter goofball! He loves to play with his toys and bat them around the room. Bernard is a sweet fella who really enjoys snuggling. He is a very outgoing cat who has the cutest meow ever!


Adopt-a-Palooza is working!

Our shelter partner OAR shared these recent photos of happy people and happy cats! Let’s keep the momentum going. Start your adoption search today!

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