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Mild Kingdom Teams Up with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition

August 19, 2020
Ten Movement Chair Deborah Cribbs joined Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Director Thane Maynard on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition to discuss bringing awareness to community cats through the new “Mild Kingdom” campaign.
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Thane Maynard Describes the Cincinnati Zoo’s Partnership with the Joanie Bernard Foundation on Fox19 Morning Extra

August 6, 2020
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Director Thane Maynard talks with reporter Catherine Bodak about the zoo’s partnership with the Joanie Bernard Foundation and Mild Kingdom on Fox19 Morning Extra.
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Who’s Your Daddy? Definitely Not Scooter the Neutered Cat

May 4, 2014
When it comes to PSAs about controlling the pet population, most of us have come to expect well-intentioned lectures from the likes of Bob Barker.
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Press Releases

This just in: cats!

The Ten Movement Launches ‘Scooter’s Safari Squad’

September 23, 2021
They’re fun, friendly and affectionate. They have names like Rando, Chester and Dash. They don’t have owners, and they don’t need them. They’re members of Scooter’s Safari Squad. Scooter the Neutered Cat is highlighting members of his Safari Squad in each Greater Cincinnati neighborhood and needs your help to find them. Go out in the “wild” of your neighborhood and look for a community cat with the tip of its ear removed. This is known as “ear tipping” and means the cat has been spayed or neutered and is a perfect nominee for Scooter’s Safari Squad. If you find a community cat without a tipped ear, report it at so the cat can be vaccinated, spayed/neutered and returned to its neighborhood.
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Scooter the Neutered Cat Launches New “Mild Kingdom” Campaign for Community Cat Awareness

August 4, 2020
He’s still the coolest cat in town, and now he’s the safari guide tasked with educating the region on the importance of caring for community cats as part of the Ten Movement’s latest campaign, Mild Kingdom, which launched on Monday.
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