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Thane Maynard Describes the Cincinnati Zoo’s Partnership with the Joanie Bernard Foundation on Fox19 Morning Extra

August 6, 2020
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Director Thane Maynard talks with reporter Catherine Bodak about the zoo’s partnership with the Joanie Bernard Foundation and Mild Kingdom on Fox19 Morning Extra.
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Scooter the Neutered Cat Launches New “Mild Kingdom” Campaign for Community Cat Awareness

August 4, 2020
He’s still the coolest cat in town, and now he’s the safari guide tasked with educating the region on the importance of caring for community cats as part of the Ten Movement’s latest campaign, Mild Kingdom, which launched on Monday.
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The Give Them Ten Movement Grows

October 17, 2023
Give Them Ten announces that seven organizations located across the U.S. have now joined the movement by becoming licensees.
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The Give Them Ten Movement Launches Licensee Program, Empowering Communities to Create Cat-Caring Communities

July 10, 2023
Give Them Ten, a non-profit movement dedicated to creating cat-caring communities, announced today the official launch of its licensee program.
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A Non-Surgical Way to Spay Your Cat Is Closer to Reality Through Give-Them-Ten-Funded Research

June 26, 2023
Cincinnati Zoo scientists have found a way to induce long-term contraception in female cats without surgery. This breakthrough discovery has the potential to humanely reduce...
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