Now Appearing in a County Near You

Scooter’s Spay-a-thon is going on the road with The FIX is IN! mobile clinic. Don’t miss this chance to get your cat spayed or neutered at a discounted rate. By spaying or neutering, you’re not only improving the life of your cat, but you’re helping control feline overpopulation, too.

The mobile clinic will be making stops throughout Southeast Indiana.

As a resident in one of the following 17 counties, you may be eligible for up to $50 in assistance:

Register your cat by picking one of the dates below:


Franklin County


Rush County


Fayette County

Check back often as new dates and locations get added!
You can also visit Public Vet for additional locations.

Show Your Support for Spay/Neuter

Did you know by choosing a Pet Friendly Plate, you’re helping Indiana rescues and shelters provide free spay/neuter surgeries? Get yours today!