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Scooter Home Kitty

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Be Kill-Free

The heart and home of the no-kill movement, Ten exists to create a no-kill nation for cats.  

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Happenings in the No-Kill Nation

Get-togethers, adoption fairs, fundraisers and feline shindigs: Get hip to what’s happening. 

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Live Cat Action

Real cat antics right on your screen, thanks to the frisky felines of OAR (Ohio Alleycat Resource). 

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Adopt a Cat

Friendly feline seeks companion for snuggles and snacks.

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America’s Best Friend

The cat is America’s favorite pet. At 73 million vs. 68 million, house cats outnumber pet dogs. Yet an additional 70 million cats are without a home due to overpopulation and lack of spay/neuter. Most of those 70 million will never find a home.   

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