Cincinnati Partners

If you live in Cincinnati and are looking to adopt a cat or kitten, we invite you to check out this list of shelters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

UCAN (United Coalition for Animals Nonprofit Spay and Neuter Clinic) serves Greater Cincinnati and provides effective, accessible and affordable spay/neuter options.


OAR (Ohio Alleycat Resource) is located in Madisonville and provides complete resources for cats in Greater Cincinnati.

SPCA Cincinnati promotes the humane treatment of all animals and provides animal services for residents of Hamilton County. 

Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society offers opportunities for unwanted animals to be adopted or rescued and provides the public with information and programs for responsible pet ownership.

LFAW (League for Animal Welfare) is based in Clermont County, and provides care for cats and dogs in the Greater Cincinnati community.

STAF (Save the Animals Foundation) is a volunteer-run organization based in Hamilton County that provides animals with a safe and caring environment until they are able to be placed in permanent, loving homes.

The Scratching Post is based in Silverton and provides resources for stray and abandoned cats.