Choosing an adoption shelter

Not All Shelters are Safe Havens

For a homeless cat, a shelter is not always a promise of life. Not all shelters are no-kill. Unfortunately, many shelters are a feline’s last stop between homelessness and death. By spreading the mission of a kill-free world, we can prevent cats from facing the reality of a kill shelter.

Commonly funded by donations, private foundations and feline welfare groups, no-kill shelters promise every cat that enters a home until home. Each cat may stay as long as it takes to find a forever home, without the threat of being killed. Unfortunately, space is limited and adoptable cats are turned away. And for some, especially senior cats, a no-kill shelter does become home forever. Adopting from a no-kill shelter gives one life a real home while freeing space to save another.

Your Adoption Day

On your adoption day, arrive at the shelter with an acceptable method of payment for your new feline friend’s fee, any necessary adoption forms and a carrier. Of course, by then you’ll have already read how to prepare for cat adoption as well as what to expect in the first 30 days. So, let us be the first to congratulate you!