Preparing to adopt a cat? Check out these tips!

There is nothing better than having a new BFF — Best Feline Friend. To make sure you’re prepared for the kitty awesomeness, we recommend these helpful tips:

  • Look for a cat that matches your personality: some cats like to sleep; others like to play
  • Find a veterinarian ahead of time; you will likely need to visit a vet after your first week of adoption
  • Make sure everyone in the household is on board with adopting; please do not give cats as gifts, unless the person is part of the search process
  • If you have other dogs or cats, pay special attention to introducing your new pet; here are some tips
  • Budget for the short term and the long term; most shelters provide spay/neuter and vaccinations, but make sure to ask — cats are fur-ever friends, so don’t adopt unless you can take care of them years from now
  • Supplies you’ll need include: a litter box, litter, food/water bowls, collar/tags, cat toys and scratching post(s); it’s also a good idea to buy nail trimmers and a cat hair brush
  • Consider investing in a “kitty condo” or cat tree; cats love to look down on their environment from a raised position
  • Do some research on the best kinds of cat food for your budget; for a great overview, check out this article
  • You may want to put away or store small household objects; cats will push them off counters or shelves, and kittens may try to eat them
  • Also, secure or store fragile objects from shelves or mantels; cats will surprise you with how high they can jump; they can also be a little clumsy
  • Make sure your residence has no open holes, registers, or ductwork that your cat could climb into and get stuck in
  • Patience, patience, patience! Be prepared for a slow introduction process; sometimes cats need time to warm up to their new surroundings (psst, it’s worth the wait!)