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Talk to Your Cat About Sex

These days, many people know that spaying/neutering is the most humane and effective way to reduce pet overpopulation. But not everyone knows that fixing your cat will also help eliminate problem behaviors, like spraying, yowling and escaping. And did we mention it’s FREE?

Talk About Spraying

When a cat backs up to a vertical surface and sprays urine (compared to crouching over a horizontal surface), most likely he or she is leaving a message for other cats: “I’m interested in mating.” This spraying can result in foul smells and/or permanent stains in your home. Spaying or neutering your pet will eliminate this bad behavior, making both of your lives easier and cleaner.

Talk About Yowling

What are those stressful moaning or wailing sounds your cat is making day or night? Most likely, it’s yowling, a behavior female cats employ when ovulating (not unlike a feline booty call); male cats too will yowl when sensing a fertile female nearby (answering that call). This cycle repeats every 18 to 24 days unless you spay or neuter. The goal? Happier cats. (And happier neighbors, too.)

Talk About Escaping & Aggression

Unfixed male cats often escape and disappear for long periods of time, roaming to find a potential mate. When they return, often they will show signs of fighting with other unfixed males (cuts, scratches, missing fur), which can lead to infections or worse. Spaying or neutering your pet will help keep them safe — and closer to home.

Remember: Cats don’t get it. But you do. Please spay and neuter.

Spay/Neuter Myth #3

Spaying/neutering causes cats to become overweight and lazy. 

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