Spread the No-Kill Cat Nation Movement

Print it. Watch it. Share it. Free tools and fun for fueling the no-kill cat nation movement.

Build a Winter Shelter for Cats

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What’s Your Cat Trying to Say?

Find out how to read your cat’s body language with this handy chart.

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ScoOOOoter Costume

Download instructions

ScoOOOoter Pumpkin

Download stencil

Tell the Neighbors

Maybe you know someone who needs to know about low-cost spay/neuter. Download this handy handout to spread the word.

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Make your phone cooler with an ear-mazing Scooter ringtone.

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Meow, Baby.

Make your move with these quick-witted pickup lines. A fun way to start the spay/neuter conversation.

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Lost Testicles

A cheeky way to spread the word to spay/neuter. Easy to download, print and hang on public bulletin boards, message boards and neighborhood posting spots. 

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Stick It

Say it with a no-kill nation sticker. Just print at home on sticker paper and enjoy!

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Cat-Size Savings

Print, cut and glue-up a fun, feline bank. Perfect for saving some dollars and cents for that spay/neuter or adoption. Excellent for kids and kids-at-heart.

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Be Kill-Free

The heart and home of the no-kill movement, Ten exists to create a no-kill nation for cats.  

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Hip Spectacles, No Testicles

Scooter: He’s the suave, neutered cat every Tom wants to be.

Meet Scooter

Spay/Neuter Myth #1

Spaying/neutering is too expensive and no affordable options exist.

Learn the truth

On the Nose

Every cat has a unique pattern on its nose pad, just like a human fingerprint. 

Protect the wonderful world of cats. Join the no-kill cat nation