Hip Spectacles.
No Testicles.

Our favorite neutered feline gives his take on being ball-less.

Meet Scooter

The No-Kill Nation Needs You

From no-kill shelters and spay/neuter clinics to feline advocacy and welfare groups, the no-kill cat nation needs volunteers like you.

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Happenings in the No-Kill Cat Nation

Get-togethers, shindigs, fundraisers, family days and more are happening in the no-kill cat nation. Join in and fuel the movement.

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Good Cat Seeks Good Home

Save a soul. Adopt a feline friend.

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Every 20 minutes, a cat is killed. Join the movement to end cats being put to death in kill shelters.

The No-Kill Cat Nation Needs You

Without voices, hands and hearts, a no-kill cat nation would never be. To those who have joined the mission, thank you. And to those who wish to join, welcome. There is room for all–both cat and cat advocate–in the no-kill nation. 

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Make your no-kill nation citizenship official: Meet our spokescat, Scooter, the suave cat who’s proud to be gonad-free. Read up on Trap Neuter Return and spay/neuter as humane methods for ending feline overpopulation. Find volunteer opportunities and join the no-kill movement.  

The Mission

The Ten mission is to give cats an extra life in a no-kill world. By ending cat overpopulation through spay/neuter, we can stop cats being killed in kill shelters as a means of population control. No longer faced with the threat of being put to death, every feline has an extra chance at life, love and home.

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Hip Spectacles, No Testicles

Scooter: He’s the suave, neutered cat every Tom wants to be.

Meet Scooter

Home Until Home

No-kill shelters provide adoptable homeless cats with care, love and home until home.

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The No-Kill Nation Needs You

The hard work of advocates and volunteers fuels the no-kill nation. More hands means more feline lives saved.

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