Good Cat Seeks Good Home

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A Cat and His Balls

One cat’s take on being gonad-free. It’s a tale of testicles and hip fashions.

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Kitty Cam: Live Cat Action

Live from OAR (Ohio Alleycat Resource), it’s real cats doing real cat things. So many whiskers!

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Free Trips for Gonad Snips

Felines headed for a spay/neuter arrive in style thanks to the free Scooter Shuttle.

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Cats Are Made for Fun

Full of curious mischief and silliness, cats are nature’s furry, whiskered jokesters. And they are always up for a good time. So let’s play along. 

For a little S&N humor, watch Scooter give his take on hip spectacles and ditching his testicles. His lady-friend, Marmalade, has it made because she's spayed. 

The Kitty Cam is real cat action streamed live from OAR (Ohio Alleycat Resource). It’s a constant supply of cat antics delivered right to your screen. Plus, Kitty Cam stars are available for adoption. Let the hilarity and naps ensue.

Schedule a ride on the Scooter Shuttle for your feline’s spay/neuter. The shuttle gives free round-trip rides to select low-cost spay/neuter clinics. 

Live Cat Action

Real cat antics right on your screen, thanks to the frisky felines of OAR (Ohio Alleycat Resource). 

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Home Until Home

No-kill shelters provide adoptable homeless cats with care, love and home until home.

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Happenings in the No-Kill Nation

Get-togethers, adoption fairs, fundraisers and feline shindigs: Get hip to what’s happening. 

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Whiskers of Fun

Cat faces sport about 2 dozen whiskers, 12 on each cheek.

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